Hey Everyone! Me In 8 subsections!

Age: I’m 25 years old now, now being 2016, and I was born on the 18th of December, 1990. 

Childhood: I grew up in St.Peter Barbados. Most on my childhood (0-10 yrs) were spent in a sort of joint relationship between two areas in St. Peter. Speightstown and Boscobelle. Most so than anything, it would have been these places which laid the foundation for my love of the outdoors, while maintaining an appreciation of the comforts of city life, or city life as it exists in Barbados. As a boy, I often “run’bout” with my cousins on the pastures and in the gullies close to my Grandmothers home in Boscobelle. I also, frequently went “to the sea” #icouldswimasachild, with my brothers in Speightstown. It was a quaint, enjoyable childhood.My teenage years were spent in Mile & a quarter, also in St. Peter.

Education History: I attended The Roland Edwards Primary School, The Queen’s College Secondary School, The Barbados Community College (BCC), The Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU) and The Liaoning University (LNU). At these institutions, I received the trappings of a successful student, and I’m thankful for that, but I must say, whatever I learnt in nature, or during my travels, were and continue to be just as important as what I learnt in school. However, theyre are no certificates for wisdom gained from nature or travelling, hence why I’m doing this blog. 

Work History: I love reading and as a teenager, I worked after school and during summer vacations at the Queen’s College Secondary School Library. In China, I worked part-time at the Korean Institute of Language, Liaoning University, and also in the Good English Teaching Cooperation, Hangzhou.

Volunteer History: Barbados Library Service Peer Tutoring Programme; Beijing Teaching of Immigrant Workers Children Initiative; Beijing- Cheng Du Experimental High School Foreign Teacher Collaboration; Homework Hotline Hangzhou

Hobbies: Music, I love all forms of music. Theatre, Musicals, Opera, Photography (as you will come to realise),  Eating #foodie, Travel #poortravelisanart, Backpacking, Hiking, Nature, Writing #novelsintheworks.

Language & Skills: English英语 (Fluent), Mandarin Chinese汉语 (Fluent), Japanese and French 日语,法语(I wouldn’t starve in Japan or any french speaking country level), Piano & Guitar钢琴吉他爱好者, Nature Photographer大自然摄影师, Writer作者, Teacher 老师,教育(8 yrs and above), Travel Planner 穷游管理者( China Based Travel)

Present Me: In 2009, I received a full paid Scholarship to pursue my undergrad studies in China, and this is where the fun began! Actually, that’s a bit misleading, making it seem as if I’m making light of the seriousness of getting a bachelors. What I want to express is that this is where life got interesting, not that life in Barbados wasn’t interesting, but Lordie, you’ll see what I’m talking about when you start the blog.


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