Chinese Idioms:The Frog at the bottom of the Well (井底之蛙, Jing di zhi wa)

ir284487521884437891Hi everyone and welcome to this weeks issue of “Bajan,’ Chinese style. Today we are going to take a look at one of the most well known and beloved Chinese fables, known as, ” The Frog at the bottom of the Well.” 

There was once a frog who lived in the bottom of a well. One day while he was searching for food right outside of this well, he happened across a turtle, who had just returned from a long voyage across the ocean.

chinese-confuciusThe Frog immediately leapt upon this opportunity to boast about his home to the Turtle. He shouted, “Hey! Isn’t my home simply divine! I’m so happy here. If I want, I can hop and dance here all day, and if I’m tired, I can go soak myself in the water on the well. Sometimes, I can relax in the soft silt and even take walks in it! This is the best place in the entire world! Why don’t you come in a take a look?


The Turtle’s curiosity was peaked upon hearing these vivid descriptions and so he decided to take the Frog up on his offer. However, before the Turtle could even get one leg into the cool waters of the well, his other legs had become stuck in the small entrance. He then had no choice but to take a few steps back and tell the Frog about the ocean.

cropped-img_29421.jpgHave you ever been to the ocean?” he began, “The ocean is so wide that it has no end. The Ocean is so deep that it has not bottom. In Ancient times, even after thousand of years of floods, the ocean’s water never increased. After a thousand years of droughts, the ocean’s waters have never decreased. The ocean is so vast that neither drought nor flood have any hold over it. Living in the Ocean is true happiness!

After hearing about the Ocean, the frog realised the fallacy of this actions.

Moral: Never boast when you lack experience. Never boast.

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