The Small Rewards: 2017 and Beyond!

284487521884437891Hello everyone, and welcome to our first post of 2017! I hope each and every one of you enjoyed your New year’s celebrations and I truly do wish you the best for 2017.

Now, This being our first post, I thought I’d start the year off a little differently. So, looking back into my archives, I found a short poem I penned while traveling throughout Zhang Jia Jie, Hunan Province in 2014. Don’t worry, all the adventures and particulars of that trip will be discussed when we begin our Hunan editions, but for today, let’s just reflect on and plan to be the best versions of ourselves that we can possibly be.

February, 10th, 2014



Old habits die the same,

From the sin of spontaneity,

Call the masters of your dreams to fore, 

And end up where you must begin, 


Call to the fore, all that you think you know, 

Remove it from your heart, 

The settling waters that fill your cup, 

Are what you really are. 

IMG_2085.JPGAs I mentioned before, I wrote this while trekking throughout the frozen winter landscape of Zhang Jia Jie, and that more so than anything else-the sheer action of being in that situation with my best friend-helped me to not only redefine what I considered to be freedom and happiness, but also to gain an awareness of just how much of ourselves are situational add-ons more so than actually being ‘ours.’

As with everyone, we know to some degree how reactionary life can be, but what’s frightful is when we begin to view our reactionary selves as our true selves.


Sometimes we don’t even know that this is happening, until one day, when we are thrown into something so removed from our everyday lives, that we just realise-often with a start- that wow, this person, right here, right now, feels much more like ‘me’ than that person at work last week did. When this happens, it literally feels like the world is clearer, sparkling even, from a beauty born of a tranquil heart and open mind.

Has this happened to you before? What was your experience like? Was it due to travelling or some other activity? Regardless, we know when we take a step closer to ourselves.

Join us next week, as we continue our journey throughout the Kingdom of Dali!

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9 thoughts on “The Small Rewards: 2017 and Beyond!

  1. Yes, when my sons were born. Now, having two toddlers, it is hard to imagine life without them tugging at my leg and asking for stuff all of the time. lol I wanted kids for a very long time and am so thankful God blessed us with immense joy. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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    1. That is such a beautiful experience!!! Yep, how life changes us everyday until we can’t imagine how our lives were before the changes. I wish you and your sons all the best for 2017!!! Happy New Year!!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. This is a very accurate description of it my friend! Yes, a lot of the times we often force things on ourselves because we ‘think’ we have to for what ever reason, and often to our emotional strain or detriment. Thanks for sharing your experience and let’s strive together to make 2017 as good a year as it can possibly be!


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