Travel Exposé: Yunnan Province (9) Lijiang, The Lovely (4): Yu Long Snowy Mountain (3 of 3)

img_2239It’s good to see you again for this week’s issue of ‘Bajan,’ Chinese Style. This week we are set to complete our expedition of the Yu Long (Jade Dragon) Snowy Mountain of Lijiang, Yunnan province by taking a look at the life blood of the mountain-that is to say, the people of the mountain.

41-1504101133035dAs we have discussed before, (Re: Lijiang, the lovely) The main ethnicity, or better said, the traditional ethnicity of Lijiang and thus Yu Long, is the Naxi. While, the Naxi have been discussed in some detail ( Re: Lugu Lake), today we are to take a look at what can only be called, the spirit of the ethnicity.

Thanks to the globally reputed director, Zhang Yi Mou, this almost quintessential characteristic is captured in the theatrically performance known as Impression of Lijiang.” Arguably, the first in Zhang Yi Mou’s “Impression” series, ‘Impression of Lijiang’ is set against the natural backdrop of the Yu Long Mountain for the entirety of it’s two-act length.

The two acts of ‘Impressions of Lijiang’ are the “Horse Route,” and “Into the Ancient City.

20893986_1461863691378_mthumbWhat is most memorable of this experience is that it portrays the step by step development of the Naxi and their way of life, from the first timid steps into the plateau region which would eventually become their home. It does this all masterfully through dance and song, which also happens to play a vital role in the Naxi Lifestyle.

However, the opening symphonic theme of the performance captures elegantly that which I so clumsily attempt describe and so, in order to paint the truest possible picture of the naxi, I wish to dedicate most of todays’ entry to simply enjoying what it means to be Naxi.

Naxi, the sons of heaven and the brethren of the plains and grass.


Title: Return Home


Impression of Lijiang

在这里 每一天 每一天, Here, everyday everyday

我们都在享受 大自然的洗礼, We all enjoy the baptism of nature

阳光的洗礼, Baptism of sunlight,

雪与山的洗礼, Baptism of snow and mountain

水与草的洗礼, Baptism of water and grass

被黝黑的皮肤洗礼, Baptism by dark skin

被高亢的吼声洗礼, Baptism of the loud and sonorous roar

被直灼的目光洗礼, Baptism by burning sights

被粗糙的双手洗礼, Baptism of a rough pair of hands

被无邪的笑容洗礼, Baptism by a pure smile

直到现在, Lasting until this day

站在这里的, Standing here

我们 清澈, We are clear,

通体透明, We are transparent in entirety

目光纯净, Our sights are clear

直到现在, Lasting until this day

我们发现, We have realised

活著 是如此真实, Living, is real this way

美好 我们凭什么, Beauty, what do we depend on?

不去感恩生命, Why not show your gratitude of life?

在这里的你们, You all who are here

和我们一样, Are the same as us

远离了钢筋水泥的喧嚣, Leave behind the noise of steel and mud

洗净了凡庸俗事的困扰, Wash away these worries of the mortal dun

从未有过的, You have never had this

快乐地大口呼吸, Happily breathe deeply

难道这不是大自然给予的恩泽么, Isn’t this favour shown by the higher power of nature?

难道这不是大自然给予的厚待么?Isn’t this caring warmth shown by the higher power of nature?

请把你的双手交叉, Please cross your hands

放在额头 让你的目光遂远, Place them on your forehead, let your sights roam

向著天的方向, Direct it towards heaven

双手合十 展开你的双臂,A pair of hands times ten, Open your palms

高举过头 许下你的愿望吧,Raise them high above your head, pull down your wish

在这个神奇的地方, Here in this amazing place

它给予我们想要的快乐, It will provide the happiness we seek

许下你最想实现的愿望, Pull down the wish you wish you realise

跟著我们, Come with us

穿过这扇憧憬的神奇之门, Go through this enlightening amazing door

将你的愿望, Have your wish

留在这盛满五谷的香炉中, Stay here in this grand ancient incense pot

留在印象丽江.印象丽江主题曲——回家., Stay here in this impression of Lijiang!20893985_1461863676613_mthumb

Finally, to end today’s issue, through the eyes of the Naxi, who are the living representatives of the Ancient Dong Ba Religion, Yu Long Mountain, is much more than a mere mountain, it is the physical incarnation of undying love.

26f06e62d248f3f3e7113abaAn undying love between two legendary members of the Naxi, Jiu Ming and Yu Pai, whose story shares striking similarities with Romeo and Juliet. After Jiu Ming was wrongfully accused and murdered by Yu Pai’s mother, the Naxi God of love  allowed them to live eternally after death in ‘The Third Realm of Yu Long”, which also bore the name of “The Twelve Mounts of Paradise.”


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