Cultural Exposé: ‘Double Eleven’ Shopping Holiday 双十二疯狂购物节!

284487521884437891“-Remember remember the 5th of November, the gun powder treason and plot. I see of no reason the gun power treason should ever be forgot-

Thanks to movies like ‘V for Vendetta’ and websites such as ‘Anonymous’ everyone is more or less aware of the importance of November 5th. However, do you know of China’s, neigh I say the world’s largest shopping festival ‘Double Eleven?

taobao10Double Eleven shopping holiday is the brain child of Alibaba/ Taobao/ Tmall creator and CEO Jack Ma, or as he is known in Chinese, Ma Yun/马云. Double Eleven takes online shopping to another level, as it is nothing less than an all stops off, mercantile shopping bonanza which, with every passing year, simply continues to grow larger and more elaborate in scale.

Now, you may be wondering why it is called Double Eleven, so allow me to assist you in clarifying this fact. Not only is it a catchy name, but it also acts as the precise date of the festival every year,  November 11th. Hence the name double eleven. Additionally, this allusion is even sharper in Mandarin, as the Chinese translation of November is “11th Month” “Shi yi yue/ 十一月.”

tcatSo we know who created Double Eleven, but what is it exactly? What’s important to know, is that Double Eleven is an online, shopping mega-discount promotion, which lasts for exactly 24 hours (00:01-11:59) on the 11th of November. All e-stores on the taobao and Tmall shopping site, which on the surface can be seen as the Chinese equivalents of Amazon and Ebay, have massive discounts, often up to 50% or more. This results is a  veritable frenzy of online customers, fighting tooth and nail in order to secure their purchases.

Any item you desire, ranging from clothes, to houseware, to electronics, food stuff, books, stationary…basically anything you to may happen to desire, can be found on taobao and Tmall at reduced prices during the 24 hour duration. 

logo-taobao-1432723469However, the old saying of the early bird catching the worm is completely appropriate as you must make sure to secure your items and pay for them as quickly as possible. Any deliberation or hesitation will result in your item either being snatched up by someone else or you run the risk of the online payment system crashing from a surplus of online traffic. Get there early , pay as fast as you can and get out. Procrastination isn’t a luxury you can afford.

tcattInitially only a recent Chinese shopping sensation of a holiday, Double Eleven has now spread onto the global stage and is in the process of evolving into the First Global Shopping Holiday. Clear proof of this fact can be seen if you naught but take a gander at last years’ “Double Eleven Shopping Show” which featured the likes of Adam Lambert be-throned upon none other that the Iron Throne of Westoros, James Bond actor Daniel Craig as well as a plethora of other equally as strangely enticing international celebrities.

Double Eleven is nothing to be underestimated and it is well on it’s way to becoming a staple calendar holiday. Are you ready for the patron holiday of Shopaholics?

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6 thoughts on “Cultural Exposé: ‘Double Eleven’ Shopping Holiday 双十二疯狂购物节!

  1. Oh yeah I spent maybe 2000 kuai that day. My shopping cart was ready at 12am, and I just pressed purchase. Within two days most of my stuff is here and my Chinese coworkers are jealous because they procrastinated haha

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