Travel Exposé: Autumn Edition(3 of 3): The Idyllic Rural Idyll , Zhi Nan Village( Zhi Nan Cun/ 指南村)

284487521884437891Thanks for joining me once again for this week’s autumn edition of ‘Bajan,’ Chinese style!In keeping with our fall adventures, this week takes us to another relatively little known season  getaway, Zhi Nan Village.

img_0344Zhi Nan Village is situated in the Zhejjang province, which as we can know (Re: Travel Exposé: Regions of China) is located within the Jiang Nan Region. Zhejiang, also known as the province of fish and rice, is renowned for its misty bamboo mountains and valleys as well for its mighty river and canal systems. However, this is merely the tip of the seasonal beauty that the Province has to offer and a Jiang Nan autumn also boasts its own unique charm and attraction.

Located 85 kilometres from the provincial capital, Hangzhou, lies the secluded Zhi Nan Village. The village, known by locals as ‘The autumn village,’ is found deep within the mountains of  Lin’An district which is a satellite district of Hangzhou. 

img_0372In terms of transportation, in order to get to Zhi Nan Village you must first take the Lin’An bus from the Hangzhou North Bus Station and the ticket costs about 15 RNB. After about a 40 minute to one hour journey, upon arrival in Lin’An you must then walk to the town centre and take the Zhi Nan shuttle bus. The entire journey itself should take about 3 hours, so leaving early is a must.

Luckily, there is no entrance fee, but in order to reach the village proper, you will be expected to trek the mountainous path which leads from the main gate to the village itself. The climb should take just over 30 mins and the mountain views are  more than worth the physical exertion.

img_0369Unlike the overwhelming fall tapestry of the North-Eastern Guan Men Mountain (Re: Travel Exposé: Autumn EditionGuan Men Mountain: The Bejewelled Secret of the North-East) Zhi Nan Village is much more subtle in it’s technicolored displays. Here, the individuality of each tree, right down to every falling leaf can be appreciated.

The landscape of the village is dominated by the ancient ruby and golden giants which stand vigil over the passage of time. These large trees which consist of gargantuan Asian Maple and Silver Lockets, are over 500 years old and are actually listed as cultural heritage artefacts. The silver locket tree lined paths showered the ground below in drops of amber light as the sun’s rays are diffused through their countless branches. The village also boasts large swaths of Japanese Maple, which lend a rainbow like effect to the entire area.That, when paired with the well designed Jiang Nan style wooden cottages, creates a vision of rural life so quaint and peaceful as to make the individual feel completely at ease. 

img_0395Zhejiang’s Zhi Nan Village truly lives up to its name as ‘The Autumn Village,’ and shows us that peaceful rural beauty that can be gained from not only living in harmony with your surroundings, but also by preserving them.

Ruby and gold given life, enshroud with fickle fingers,

O, Ye wanderers of time immortal, the green of youth n’er lingers,

Frozen footsteps nearer fall as flames of life blaze bright,

Let fly your fury winter’s plight averse thous’t howling gale,

For we shall stand or we shall fall but we shall never fail.


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