The Small Rewards

Hey there everyone. In our first “Small Rewards” issue, I merely want to share a few of the not only positive, but also helpful feedback I’ve been getting from friends both near and far. In lieu with the associated gravitas of a milestone event such as this one, I think it only appropriate to borrow the words of the wise Taoists of Chinese philosophy and thus, as the saying goes,“四海之处皆兄弟” “Si hai zhi chu jie xiong di ” ” As far as the four seas stretch, we are all brothers,” “All men are brothers.”

This blogging experience has made me recognise this fact more sharply than ever before, because regardless of race, creed, sex, gender,age or whatever categorisation may come to mind, we are essentially all one people. Unique in our experiences, these differences only highlight how ‘uniquely human’ we all really are, and frankly, that’s the whole point of a life experience isn’t it? To make clear to us that diversity is not a prelude to chaos, but instead goes phenomenal lengths to show us precisely what we share in unity.

Now, enough with the philosophising and let’s take a look at our first “Small Reward!”


Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for next week’s issue of “Bajan” Chinese Style!


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