Useful Tips:Pipe Poison

As we have learnt in previous issues (Refer: The Weekly funny, Money Management), it is important, I can’t state how important it is, that you do not drink, I repeat, Do not under any circumstance drink the water straight from the tap. Let us reiterate the importance of this simple fact. 

The tap water in China is officially classified as usable daily water, but NOT drinking water. The water can be used to carry out all your daily activities including, washing, cleaning and cooking. However, in terms of drinking water I recommend yo use the following options:

1: Buy bottled water. Invest in a personal water bottle, or cup and fill it daily with bottled water. 2.5-3 litre bottles of water can be bought and they can last quite a while.

2: Buy a water dispenser. If you invest in a water dispenser you can save 100’s on water. The 15 litre bottles can usually be bought for about 12 RNB, and they can last for up to 3 weeks to a month.

3: Buy a kettle. If all else fails and you find yourself without enough money to buy water, then you can turn to your trusty kettle. Simply boil the water and let it cool, if you like your water chilled. This is great if you are in a bind, but I do NOT recommend extended or frequent drinking of water prepared in this fashion due to the calcium buildup which will occur as time passes. 

If you follow these rules, and remember to NEVER drink water directly from the tap, you should be just fine.

Thanks and stay tuned for next week’s update.


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