Sayings and Idioms 邯郸学步

284487521884437891Hey there everyone! Right off the bat I want to apologise for my tardiness over this last week.

For the past couple of days I have been moving house, and as you can assume, it has truly been a veritable battle of dust and broom, with sweeping and frankly, unimaginable chaos. Why would anyone do this to themselves you find yourself asking? Why fight towards that oh so distant gleam of hope?The one thing which makes it all worthwhile?As the saying goes , order arises from chaos, and in this case the order towards which I am striving is the joy of a brand new house.

So once more, I want to say a heartfelt sorry and to make up for this err on my part, let’s jump right into the fray with this little gem of Chinese knowledge. The age old saying of:

邯郸学步( Han Dan Xue Bu)

Lit. Translation: Studying gait in Han Dan;

Translation: Don’t Imitate Others

chinese-confuciusIn ancient China, the small village of Handan was famed throughout the realm due it it’s unique inhabitants. The natives of Handan were known as having the most graceful and beautiful gait of all persons in China. It was due to this commonly accepted fact, that one day a young man who wanted to increase the beauty of his gait, made his way to Handan. Upon entering Handan, he saw the many villagers making their way around the village.

They walked so beautifully, each more beautifully than the last. The Young man, attempted to emulate the gait of the first person he saw, but soon he turned his attention to the next person, and the next, and so on. He tried to imitate the gaits of every person he met, that when he eventually left Handan, he was forced to crawl out of the city. The Young man had tried to copy so many different styles of walking, that he eventually forgot how to walk in the first place!

Moral: Do not imitate others!


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