Tips for living in China: Photo Yes, Photo No!

Photo Yes, Photo No!

Hey there! If you are planning a trip to China, or if this is your first time in China, then they are some things you need to know! Trust me, I’ve learnt the hard way.Today’s tip is “ Photo Yes, Photo No!” Knowing when to allow someone to take your photo or have a photo with you, and knowing when to just say No!

This is especially important if you are any of the following:

1: A Tall, blonde, blued eyed white male or female

2: A white person of any shape, size, creed, or caste

3: A Black man, woman or child, of any shape, size, creed or caste or

4: A foreigner

It is safe to have your photo taken if only all of the following conditions are met:

1: You are in a good mood.

2: You are in a large group of foreign people

3: You are not waiting in a line of any sort

4: You are not in an airport,subway,train station or any place of public gathering

5: ONLY one Chinese person, I repeat, ONLY ONE CHINESE PERSON by him or herself is asking for your photo.

6: Above only applies, if that one person is at least 50 meters away from the next nearest person.

7: That person is NOT a Grandmother with her infant grandchild.

8: That person is NOT a student.

9: Make sure again that person is NOT a student

10: That person doesn’t try to speak English with you

If the person asking for your photo meets all the above conditions, then its more or less OK to do it. However, if they fail even two, or god forbid, more than two of the above.Then run.Run hard,fast and don’t look back.

Next, If you see any of the following warning signs, just turn on your heel and say no.

1: Person singles you out from a crowd and approaches like Willie Coyote chasing Road Runner.

2: Person’s first statement is a hand gesture of taking a photo using an invisible camera.

3:Person is one of a large group of people, each of whom have smart phones and will wait until kingdom come to get a photo with you.

4: You are Climbing a steep mountain or crossing a narrow bridge.( Trust me, it happens)

5: Person is a middle aged man, over 40 years old.

6: Person invades personal space when asking.

7: You are both in a moving vehicle, be it car, bus, train, plane, ship, raft or rickshaw.

If any of the above occur, you can:

1: Try to politely decline or,

2: Run,Barry, Run!

NB. However, if you choose to politely decline and the individual realises you can speak Chinese, then you need to run, and run fast. I’ll explain later on why you should do so in another issue.


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